Nerdwest List- Top 3 Ships


So this week the Nerdwest List was the top three ships you wish you could have. Although Z laughed at Dr. T and I’s choice; I believe ours are my well thought out. Either way here are my Top 3 badass mofo ships I wish I could have. – D

Alright just so we get a taste for everyone’s choices I’ll add my top three onto this article and we will let you guys who really had the best choices for this weeks list.  -T


D’s Top 3:


#3 Skull Squardron VF-1 Valkyrie

This bad ass transforamble (3 modes) fighter plane is one of the reason I love Macross/Robotech

#2USS Defiant (NX-74205)

The most badass warship ever built  by Starfleet and captained by smooth mofo Benjamin Sisko


#1 The Swordfish II

Fastest ship/asteroid racer in Eath space and piloted by none other than Spike Spiegel


T’s Top 3:


#3 Wing Zero Custom

Equipped with the wing zero system on board which makes the pilot the ultimate killing machine by taking advantage of their heightened senses. It also has double beam sabers, and twin buster rifle cannons able to tear through the most armored vehicles.



#2 The Normandy

I’m not even going to write anything about this ship. If you don’t know what it is or what its equipped with then go play Mass Effect and all your questions will be answered.





#1 The Pillar of Autumn

Okay so Z was talking some shit about the Pillar of Autumn, which is bullshit because this ship is the most bad ass ship in the universe. It was one of the fist ships to be able to house the Spartan II’s as well as having the latest in slip space travel technology, and to round it all out it has a modified Magnetic Accelerating Cannon on board. Not to mention was fitted to have Cortana on board. Beastly.



Z’s Top 3:



#3 Seaquest DSV

The Enterprise of the sea. It will own any submarine in the ocean. You don’t see any other submarines on this list do you? That’s 70% of the Earth peeps. Game. Set. Match.





#2 Hatredcopter

It’s a helicopter full of hate. It has it’s own chef. Is there anything more to say?





#3 Megazord

Are you fucking kidding me? It’s the mother fucking MEGAZORD! Thanks for playing.






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