Channel Surfing: Stop Skeletons from Fighting

YouTube can be a pretty crazy place to try to navigate, especially in the gaming genre. But there is some great content on the site if you know where to look, and that’s where we come in. “Channel Surfing” is a series of blog posts meant to highlight some of our favorite youtube channels from the worlds of gaming, tv, and movies. This week we are highlight a long standing gaming channel that deserves much more attention than it is currently getting. This channel is entitled: Stop Skeletons from Fighting.

SSFF is run by the trio of Derek Alexander, Grace Kramer, and Luke Green. Derek is no new coming to the youtube gaming scene, he has been making videos under the “Happy Video Game Nerd”, a play on the “Angry Video Game Nerd” moniker since 2007. SSFF was founded in 2015, where Derek decided it was time to differentiate himself from the HVGN name. While Derek is the face of SSFF, he is supported by Grace, who co-writes and produces and Luke, who animates and works on video production for the show. Through the usage of their unique talents, the SSFF team produces high end documentary style retro video gaming content.

I know what you are thinking. With so many gaming channels out there, why should I care about SSFF? Well there are a couple of reasons. First off, SSFF has done a great job of developing several different episodic series that vary for subject to subject. For example, they produce a series entitled “Punching Weight”, which defines itself as, “A¬†celebration of the weird, ambitious, or unnecessary. Games that might not necessarily be good, but dammit they deserve respect!” Derek and the SSFF do a good job of differentiating themselves by highlighting games that are not discussed by most other channel. I mean, what other channel do you know that has an hour long “let’s play” video of Vampire Rain? Exactly. SSFF also does a good job of covering multiple eras of video games, and that’s kind of why, to me, SSFF does not really fit the moiker of a “Retro Gaming Channel”. SSFF is, in the truest sense, a gaming channel that covers games from the Atarti 2600 to the PS4.


There is one other aspect to the channel that I believe the SSFF crew present better than most other channels I have seen on Youtube, and that is Survival Horror games. SSFF is, at it’s core, a documentary based channel, and in the world of survival horror games, I believe that SSFF produces some of the best documentary style content on Youtube. SSFF has covered some of the more obscure survival horror games ever made in great detail. Some of the channels highlights, in this regard, would be: Resident Evil 2 Ports, Prototypes & Oddities, Dino Crisis 1 & 2 review, and Horror on the Go. If you like Survival Horror, SSFF is a much.

When it comes to gaming content on the internet in 2017, you have choices. Twitch and other live streaming sites have brought an entirely new medium to the video game vloging market, and in doing so, have made it more difficult for high end, documentary style gaming content to get the add revenue they need to be able to produce their content. In able for the content to continue to be created, we need to do all we can to support the creates of said content, and Stop Skeletons from Fighting is defiantly worth your attention, and possibly worth a monthly contribution through their Patreon. Either way, check them out there Youtube Channel, and prepare to bing out on some classic gaming documentaries.




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