Channel Surfing: Stop Skeletons from Fighting

YouTube can be a pretty crazy place to try to navigate, especially in the gaming genre. But there is some great content on…

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Cheating, Lies, and Doping: The SHOCKING Truth Behind #TriviaWars

The word dirty-no-good-cheating-ugly-all-around-bad-person-jerks gets thrown around a lot lately so I am hesitant to use it, but in this case the shoe fits. …

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Halo: The Master Chief Collection Review

Halo has a special place in many people’s hearts. It literally sparked a generation of gamers and played a pivotal role in the direction AAA…

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NW List: Worst TV Series Based on Films

Sometimes, when a movie is successful, the production company tries to find a way to exploit that success. Sometimes it come in the…

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Collectors Corner: Batman #357

Trying to start a comic book collection can be an intimidating endeavor. I began collecting at a young age, which has it’s perks.…

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Under the Radar: Secret Origin The Story of DC Comics

New segment time! Under the Radar is going to be a reoccurring segment that features certain films, shows, games, and comics that might…

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What Happened to the Ouya

Alright, so defending the Ouya isn’t the most popular thing to do, especially on the internet , but I’m going to give it…

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NW List: Top Five SyFy Original Series

We here at Nerdwest love SyFy. Sure, half of the shit they produce is terrible, bottom feeder bullshit that should never be seen…

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Netflix Recommendations: Green Lantern the Animated Series

Well… it’s starting to happen. People are taking a look at their options when it comes to entertainment and making a more smarter financial…

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The Alien Franchise in Video Games: A Visual History

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