Top Ten Fighting Game Characters of All Time


Fighting games. There are so goddamn many fighting games. From Street Fighter to Soul Calibur, they have been with us since the beginning of gaming and, at least it seems, that they are going to be with us for the long haul, and that’s awesome. We here at Nerdwest love fighting games. For us, there are a genre frozen in time. They keep coming out, but with what major upgrades? Nothing really. the physics of fighting games haven’t really had an overhaul since the Nintendo 64, and even then, most respectable games have gone back to a more traditional 2Dish type style. And thats fine. I think that the genre presentation was perfected in the early 90’s. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it. And with that, I give you Nerdwest’s Top 10 Characters from Fighting Games. Let the bickering begin.

#10 Morrigan (Darkstalkers 3)

Morrigan was one of the first of her kind. Along with some of her co-stars of the Darkstalker series, she was one of the first females in fighting games to have just ridiculous boobs. There were all over the place. As a kid, it was pretty awesome. The only time I really played the series was usually at the arcade. I’m not really sure why, I know some of them got console releases on PSone, but Darkstalkers is a good example of one of those games that decided to stay away from the 3D when some of the larger titles were moving in that direction. Good game. Good character. Good boobs.

#9 Nightwing (Injustice: Gods Among Us)

I know. I know. But Injustice was actually a pretty good fighting game. It’s pretty easy to write off some of the newer fighting games that don’t have a name like Soul Calibur, or a developer like Capcom attached to it, but Injustice was a decent fighting game. Why Nightwing? Because that dude gets the shit end of the stick all the time. To even have him in this game, to me, is a big deal. One of the most underrated characters in the DC Universe.

#8 Nightmare (Soul Calibur)

Soul Calibur is the Gold Standard for fighting games. Not only are their games solid, but they always have awesome guest characters, seriously, it was pretty hard not to throw Spawn from the Xbox Edition of Soul Calibur 2 on this list. Soul Calibur has been the beginning and the end for fighting games of the past ten years. Nightmare? Well he’s a fucking beast. that swords reach is unfair. Kind of pisses me off actually.

#7 Fulgore(Killer Instinct)

Killer Instinct is making its return to the Xbox One soon and honestly, I have no idea why. It was a clone of some of the second generation early 90’s fighting games. Nothing special about it. But Fulgore was a badass. Probably the most original character in Killer Instinct and Primal Rage combined.

#6 Zangief (Street Fighter 2)

Just go watch Wreck It Ralph and try not to love Zangief. I dare you.

#5 Ickybod Clay (Clay Fighter)

So I was going to write about how Clay Fighter was one of my favorite “one off” fighting games of all time, but apparently there were a couple of sequels that were released on SNES and N64. huh, well I’ll check those out, but for now, play Clayfighter. It’s fucking hilarious and Ickybod Clay owns.

#4 Sub Zero (Mortal Kombat)

Not much else to say here. As a kid, you were either a Sub Zero or Scorpion person. Usually that broke down to which combos you knew. Judging by Sub Zero’s place on this list…I must have been a Scorpion person.

#3 Yoshimitsu (Tekken)

This dude is creepy, but in a badass, I feel like I could destroy anyone kind of way. He has survived through the entire Tekken and Soul Calibur series, and that is pretty fucking impressive.

#2 Ryu (Street Fighter 2)

Same idea here with the Scorpionvs. Sub Zero argument. You were either a Stree Fighter 2 or a Mortal Kombat person. Turns out, I was a Mortal Kombat person, but I wanna give credit where credit it dude.  He gave us the hadouken, and hell…even Mega Man hadoukens.

#1 Scorpion (Mortal Kombat)

nuff said.



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