Best of 360: #25- Skate

Welcome to Best of 360, what is the best of 360 you ask? Best of 360 is Nerdwest’s year long tribute to the Xbox 360. As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, Microsoft is planning on releasing the next generation Xbox Holiday 2013, which means that this will be our last year with the 360 and we want to send the old girl off in style. We here at Nerdwest will be releasing videos throughout the year counting down the top 25 Xbox 360 games.

So let’s get to it, coming in at number 25 on the countdown is a EA Blackbox’s Tony Hawk killer Skate. Why Skate you might ask? Because it was a ground breaking game, that’s fucking why. It took what Activision was doing very successfully since the late 90’s with the Tony Hawk series and gave it a much needed face lift. Skate took all the customization’s and pro skaters from Tony Hawk and combined it with the open world mindset that studios like Bethesda have been working with for years. Take those two elements and add a radically unique control scheme and whether you succeed or fail, you have something that is going to be radically different than anything the genre has seen before.


Skate was not only critically acclaimed, but became a fan favorite for people who were looking for something fresh and new in the action sports genre.  It sparked several sequels, but none of them have lived up to feeling of skating the streets of San Vanelona for the first time. Skate took the player away from making a ridiculous combos and forced the player to appreciate the complexity and beauty of skateboarding. Skate is not only a well put together action sports game, it’s a great game that should be appreciated by all.  Skate is an unforgettable experience that should be experience by every 360 owner.


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