Netflix Considerations: Best Worst Movie

Sometimes a film comes around that is so incredibly horrible, you can;t do anything but make a whole hearted attempt to share this film with everyone you have ever met in your life. That is what happened after I saw Troll 2 for the first time. It was so bad. I mean bad. I had to rewind it and watch certain scenes over again just to make sure that what I saw was real. Well, turns out it was real, and I wasn’t the only person on the planet who had discovered this gem, and the movie Best Worst Movie dives into this terrible movie.

My exposure to Troll 2 was a fluke to begin with. I was looking at the IMDB’s worst movies ever made list and on that list was a film called Troll. I love bad movies, so I decided to put Troll on my “DVD’s to Ship” list on my Netflix account (Yes, this was pre Netflix restructure). When the film came, I discovered it was two sided, and was a combo of Troll/Troll 2. At first, I didn’t give it much thought. I watched Troll, it was shitty, but nothing to write home about, but then I was cleaning and I decided, hey, why not put the other side on for background noise? That background noise changed my life.

Troll 2 is a perfect storm. Everything went wrong with this film. The director/writer didn’t speak English, the sound designer, I believe, is from another planet, and the acting…oh the acting…well, lets just say it’s sub par. All of these factors combine to make Troll 2. And I thought I was the only person on the planet who knew about Troll 2, so I did my best to share it. I started posting video’s on my Facebook page, raving about how awesome this film is…talking about it on Myspace, yep it was that long ago, and then something happened. I logged into my Myspace account and found a message and friend request from a man named George Hardy. Now I don’t remember verbatim what the message said, but it was somewhere along the lines of “Glad you liked the film!” I checked out the page and discovered that George played the dad in the film, and was currently in the process of making a documentary about Troll 2 entitled Best Worst Movie. I was flabbergasted.
It has been some years now, the film has released to critical success, it’s rocking a 95% on rotten tomatoes, and is now available to stream on Netflix. Why should you check it out? Well if you are a fan of Troll 2 and you haven’t seen it, I don’t need to tell you why. If you haven’t seen Troll 2 yet, well it is also available to stream on Netflix, so there you go. No excuses.
Best Worst Movie was directed by Michael Stephenson, who also played our young hero Joshua in Troll 2, and follows our star George Hardy in his attempts to reunite the cast members of Troll 2. This is a documentary, but unlike most documentaries it doesn’t deal with an intense subject. It isn’t as intense as The Devil Came on Horseback or as politically motivated as Bowling for Columbine, but it doesn’t have to be. Best Worst Movie is an extremely touching, light hearted film, about bringing people together. For me, I was just excited to see that there were other people in the world who enjoyed Troll 2 as much as I did.
If you are a fan of B movies, watch Best Worst Movie. If you like creative documentaries, watch Best Worst Movie. If you have the day off and a Netflix account and can’t decide what to watch, watch Best Worst Movie. I promise you you will get your money’s worth.

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