Nerdwest Show 8.7.16

On this week’s show…Fan made AM2R: Return of Samus releases alongside 30th anniversary of Metroid…Ira Steven Behr reveals new Star Trek: Deep Space Nine documentary… Resident Evil: The Final Chapter teaser…Legendary Productions is working on a series based on the works of H.P. Lovecraft…Gameplay trailers for both Prey and Quake Champions at Quakecon….Starcraft HD reportedly in production at Blizzard… ABC in talks for a live action Star Wars TV series…in our round table, we give our initial reactions to Suicide Squad…and finally in our activity section, we list off our top five must have arcade cabinets…Power up, it’s the Nerdwest Show!

NOTE: During this week’s show we discussed posting a link to download AM2R, at the time of posting Nintendo has placed copyright claims on the content and therefore has made said content unavailable.

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