Nerdwest Show 4.24.16

Holy casting new Batman! It’s the Nerdwest Show! On this weeks show… The Rock confirmed for the Jumanji remake! Karl Urban wants to do a Dredd series for Netflix or Amazon! Robert Downey Jr. confirms Sherlock Holmes 3! Outlast 2 teased at PAX East! Michael Keaton to play villain in Spiderman: Homecoming! Pearl Mackie joining Doctor Who as the new companion! Green Lantern to feature Hal Jordan, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner! Willem Dafoe joins Justice League! In our round table, we discuss why CBS is attempting to shut down multiple Star Trek fan films, and is, apparently, attempting to claim copyright on the Klingon language! And finally in our activity section, we take a look at the new Game of Thrones ¬†seasons with some Bold Predictions. All of this, plus a SeaQuest reference….it’s the Nerdwest Show!

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