Nerdwest Show 3.6.16

Who you gonna call? This week on the Nerdwest Show we discuss the new Ghostbusters trailer! Joseph Gordon-Levitt leaves Sandman after New Line acquires rights! Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice getting an R Rated cut for home video! Rod Roddenberry joins new Star Trek series! Mass Effect: Andromeda pushed to early 2017! Nickelodeon announces live action Legends of the Hidden Temple TV movie and two part Hey Arnold TV movie! Venom film back in production at Marvel! The Rock to star in film based on 80’s game Rampage! During our round table, we break down the Coleco Chameleon debacle that has been blowing up the retro gaming community as of late! And finally, Chris and Devon go head to head in Mass Effect trivia! Check it out on the Nerdwest Show!

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