Nerdwest Show 3.4.17

On this week’s show…Nintendo Switch launches! We get our first details on Destiny 2, including info on character transfers! Future X-Men films will be shifting away from the Eric/ Charles dynamic! There is a Tron reboot apparently in development with Jared Leto attached! Fans of Battleborn have found some potential Borderlands 3 plot details in a crazy easter egg! Deadpool 2 trailer drops! New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series coming to Nickelodeon next year! Donny Yen to star in Sleeping Dogs adaptation! Xbox announces Xbox Gamepass, it’s Netflix for games! In our roundtable we discuss our impressions of Logan, in a slightly SPOILER filled way! And finally, if Wolverine was to be recast, who are three actors we think could fill Hugh Jackman’s shoes? All of this, plus a Seaquest reference on this weeks Nerdwest Show!

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