Nerdwest Podcast 5.13.15

Welcome to the Thunderdome…it’s the Nerdwest Podcast! On this weeks show, the panel discusses… Ava DuVernay possibly set to director Black Panther, Marlon Wayans is making “50 Shades of Black”, Guillermo Del Toro’s new trailer for “Crimson Peak”, “28 Months Later” announced, CBS plans to air “Supergirl” directly against “Gotham”, “X-Files” will be returning in late January, “Assassin Creed: Syndicate” is revealed, “Fallout 4” rumors really starting to heat up, Nintendo World Championships making a triumphant return, and Carl Weathers in Mortal Kombat X. All of this plus a “Mantis” reference on the Nerdwest Podcast!

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