Best of 360: #24 Left 4 Dead

Welcome to the Best of 360, Nerdwest’s year long tribute to the Xbox 360. As I’m sure you’re all aware by now, Microsoft is planning on releasing the next generation Xbox Holiday 2013, which means that this will be our last year with the 360 and we want to send the old girl off in style. We here at Nerdwest will be releasing videos throughout the year counting down the top 25 Xbox 360 games.

Coming in at #24 is Valve’s take on the zombie apocalypse… Left 4 Dead. Left 4 Dead is not your typical first person shooter. Sure, there are guns, there are bad guys, and there is online multiplayer, but the way all of this madness is presented is what makes L4D special.

L4D took a market that was exploding in competitive online FPS’s and game it a unique twist that was both inventive and just downright fun. In L4D you play as one of four
survivors of the zombie apocalypse with only one goal in mind. Fucking survive. There are four different scenarios you are placed in, pretty standard zombie stuff… hospital, air port, etc, and your goal is to get to the safe house. Sounds pretty standard, but what L4D did that not many other FPS games have done, successfully I should add, was take an online FPS game and focus more on cooperative survival, than how many kills you can rack up.

L4D gets repetitive at times, but what Valve created was unique and well rounded game in the midst of a sea of half assed first person shooters and sub par zombie based game. Remember, this game came out in 2008…right around the time everyone and there mom was making a zombie based movie, game, comic, you fucking name it. Zombie cereal, zombie hat, zombie dildo… To make a game of such high quality and knowing full well you were entering a market that was already over saturated with the material you are focusing on is pretty fucking cool. But come on, its Valve did you really expect anything less?


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