Budget Gaming: League of Legends

For this weeks budget gaming we are gonna take a look at a free to play game that has really been starting to take off in popularity. Riot Game’s League of Legends. League of Legends is an action RTS (real time strategy) video game developed and published by Riot Games.
A basic overview of the game is this; When the game starts players are formed into 2 even teams where you choose the Champion you want to take into battle. Teams will either be 3v3 or 5v5. Right now there are 108 unique champions to choose from. Each player begins at opposing sides of a map in the Spawning Pool, near what is called a Nexus. A match is won when either team’s nexus is destroyed. To destroy a Nexus, each team must work through a series of Turrets placed along a path to each base. Along the way, each player gains levels from killing the opposing team’s champions and Minions (NPCs that constantly spawn and attack the other team) and defeating neutral monsters. Completing objectives rewards players with gold which is used to purchase items to increase the strength of your chosen champion.


What makes this game so unique, is its free to play model, which is hands down the best ftp model ever introduced into a game. The game is 100% free to play, and what I mean by that is you do not need any money to get the full enjoyment out of this game. Everything (with the exception of cosmetic skins) is obtainable simply by playing the game, and if you choose to level up faster or simply want to support the company then you have the option to drop a few dollars on the game and get some cool stuff in return. This is why League of Legends has become the number 1 MOBA style game beating out HoN, Dota 2, and others. It allows players to spend what they want, when they want, and not punish them if they decide not spend anything.


With all that being said, the gameplay will take some time to get used to, and honestly I have played a lot of this game and I will tell you now that the community is probably not the most helpful one. Granted there is a huge population of amazing players who are more than willing to help out new players, but be aware,trolling and banter is pretty common aspect of this game and you will get your fair share. But do not let that one side note deter you from trying this game out, because it really does have a lot of fun aspects to offer. And if you can find a buddy to play with you, then the game only gets better as you take down your enemies. Once you start to get the hang of the combat and the champion mechanics you will have a hard time putting this game down. Late nights of playing so you can purchase that next champion that destroyed you last game are whats in store for you. I cannot stress this enough, League of Legends takes time and practice to really improve, but do not give up on it after only a few games. Try and stick with it, and if you are able to do that then this game will really pay off in the end. Besides its free so why not give it a shot?

If you are interested in playing you can sign up here: League of Legends. Also if you want somebody to play with or just want to mess around in custom games add us Summoner Name: Mutare Res. See you all on the fields of justice!

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