Justice League Movie Rumors begin to “Rise”

As you know we here at Nerdwest have been talking about the possibilities of  a Justice League movie coming to the big screen especially after the success that Marvel has had on the movie front. With the record breaking summer the Avengers had the rumor mill quickly began to churn soon after stating the reemergence of the long thought dead film version of the Justice League. Warner Bros has even go on record as stating that their tent pole movie will be released in the summer 2015 (ironically which now puts it in competition with the recently announced Star Wars Episode VII).

Rumblings of a Justice League movie were beginning to gain ground again a few years back after the huge relaunch and success of the Batman franchise under Christopher Nolan. Though Nolan was yet to executive produce and relaunch the troubled Superman franchise as The Man of Steel with handpicked director Zack Snyder; Nolan was explicit that his Batman would not be part of this possible connected DC Universe. More rumors began to pour forth after the end of the Batman/Nolan trilogy stating that indeed there would be a new Batman in the JL movie and or the possibility of multiple versions of DC characters in movies and television (i.e. Arrow, Young Justice, Smallville).

The most recent and more likely rumor that is currently being reported is that Joseph Gordon Levitt will be taking on the Batman role; an idea that was hinted at during the end of Nolan’s Batman Trilogy. Multiply sites included IGN and other news sites are running with the story that also state another Dark  Knight alum will be possibly joining the Justice League move in some capacity. Though none of this is confirmed by Warner Bros at this time the likelihood that they would want to capitalize on JGL’s growing fame and superb acting chops is not such a bad. The rumor also states that the studio wants to see JGL as Batman in film prior to the Justice League film (a la every Marvel film up until Avengers launched). Zack Snyder further added recently that the upcoming Man of Steel movie could have connection to the future Justice League movie. Either way that’s a lot of moving parts that need to be thrown together in the next 2 years Though no news has been completely confirmed I do have my 5 wishes that could make the Justice League doable or at least in the same league as the Avengers movie:

1)If you going to bring Joesph Gordon Levitt as your Batman than you need to keep Henry Cavill as your Superman even if Man of Steel some doesn’t work. To switch to too many people in the game will only confuse audiences.
3)If your going to do Wonder Woman do it right. Forget the failed tv relaunch and just bring on Gina Carrano. After watching Haywire she can improve on the acting a bit but she definitely has the physicality and look to pull of a convincing Wonder Woman. Oh yeah and she is hot!2)Though we can all wish we could forget the Green Lantern movie we can’t but you can move without Ryan Reynolds. The beauty of the Green Lantern is that their are a shit ton of Corp members and more than one came from Earth. It doesn’t have to be John Stewart but it could be Kyle Rayner.4)Don’t do Aquaman out the gate. Even though he is having a great run in the New 52; the average movie goer still sees him as the water guy who talks to dolphins from Superfriends.  Save him for your sequel.

5)You the comic relief so don’t forget the Flash (my vote is still for Hayden Christensen) and if your not going to do John Stewart for token black guy on team than definitely throw in Cyborg (he still has a lot of cred with actual comic book community).


Bonus- Get a director who knows the material and how to translate it to an actual workable film that people want to see. The great thing about Joss Whedon is that understood the nuances of film making on a large scale but also knew how to make it seem like a believable story. I would definitely tap a Matthew Vaughn (if he is not tied up with the Star Wars movies) or a Doug Liman. Someone who can deliver the big action and tell the story.

If the Justice League movie does get made and they follow the outline above, there is no doubt that a Justice League movie will give The Avengers a run for its money for the best Super Hero movie in town. The art used is by  Alex Ross, he does amazing work so make sure to check him out!

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