If I were Fallout 4…

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Unfortunately it hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we all know, without a doubt, that Bethesda is working on Fallout 4. The shitty part is that, since it has yet to be confirmed, this probably puts it out at least a year. But that might be  blessing in disguise, because for Xbox players, that will put it on the next gen console. Next Gen Fallout? Sounds fucking good. Now rumor has it that Fallout 4 will be taking place in the “Commonwealth” AKA Boston, MA.

Now there have been a lot of in game references to the area throughout the years and I’m sure it will make a great back drop for a Fallout game, but since it is still unconfirmed, I’m still wondering, where would be the best location for a new Fallout game? If you look at Fallout 3Fallout: New Vegas, and of course, the unsung heroes of the Fallout series…the DLC packs for both games, it’s hard to argue that the main stars of the games are the environments themselves. Honestly, I had a hard time getting into Fallout 3, until I played Point Lookout. Bethesda creates environments like no other company can. So, for Fallout 4, location is going to be everything. Where would you like to see Fallout 4 take place? Well, for me I would like to see a post apocalyptic rendition of:

3. Seattle

Yes, I know, it’s a homer vote, but how cool would it be to see what the Space Needle would look like after a nucular holocaust? Western Washington is a very unique enviroment and would bring a different and unique feel to the series, much in the way that New Vegas did. Plus aren’t you at all curious if the NCR could make it that far north?

2. Miami

So I didn’t really like Dead Island too much. The story telling was weak, and the mechanics were flawed, but one of the things I did like was the environment. Having a zombie outbreak in a tropical location was a refreshing change of pace. Now when I think of what Bethesda could do with a tropical landscape? Boner.

Miami Florida

1. Cairo

For some reason, the Fallout series has never gone international. I think that is an inevitability, but I also don’t really want to see Fallout: London. Lets see something new and different. A post apocalyptic Cairo? That shit would be, in-fucking-sane.

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