Halo 4 Armor List

Since the release of Halo 4 I have been seeing some confusion in regards to the ranking system/level system. So I decided I would just combine everything related into one large article detailing the journey through the 130 possible levels of Halo 4, include all the Halo 4 Armor, Specializations, and of course leveling.

The current highest rank in the game is Spartan Rank 130. You begin as a SR 1 Spartan with only a few basic predefined classes. As you advance through the early ranks you will start to unlock extra load outs as well as the main currency for the game, Spartan Points, with which you can unlock weapons, armor abilities, tactical packages, etc. By SR-28 you will have unlocked all the different weapons and armor abilities, although you will be unable to purchase everything until you reach SR-50.

So how do you rank up? You can level up your Spartan by completing games in War Games, Spartan Ops, Forge, Custom Games, or by completing a Commendation ( similar to Halo Reach’s), finishing Waypoint goals, and daily, weekly, and monthly challenges. All these options will help you rank up your Spartan in your pursuit of SR-130. Completing these challenges also will unlock all the different armor available in Halo 4.

Once you have reached SR-50 you will be able to pick one of eight “Specialization Paths” (only have the option of two unless you pre-ordered and more will become available as 343 sees fit). Each Specialization path has 10 SR rank, for a total of 80 specialization ranks. Each of these “Specialization Paths” will take about as much time as making it from SR-40 to SR-50. Once you pick your path you will be locked into it until you complete that path. In other words you will not be able to switch between Specialization Paths once you have made your initial decision. Each Specialization also gives your Spartan a minor upgrade (listed below).

The Wetwork mod gives the Spartan IV a few stealth benefits. The Wetwork armor mod allows the Spartan to sprint more quietly and assassination animations are faster, resulting in quicker assassinations. With the Wetwork armor modification, instead of showing up as a red figure on Promethean Vision, foes will only be able to see the outline of your figure.

The Pioneer’s Fast Track mod allows the Spartan IVs using it to gain experience points leading to the next rank at a faster rate. Keep in mind though, for Fast Track, you only get extra XP for the amount of time you were using it. Activating it at the end of a match isn’t going to net you extra XP for actions earlier in the match.

When ordinance drops are activated, the Engineer’s Drop Recon armor mod provides an advantage. A couple extra seconds before other players see the drop coming down, the Engineer gets alerted on the incoming drop. Based on the distance to the weapon, you can get an arrow pointing you to where the nearest timed ordinance drop is coming in. It extends the range of those popping up on your HUD.

When receiving an ordinance drop, you may not always find what you desire out of the three choices given to you. With the Tracker’s Drop Recon mod, you are able to get an all new selection from the ordinance drop you call in.

When under fire the player will flinch less thus allowing a steady aim on target.

The Stalker packs the Nemesis armor mod, a passive skill that causes an icon of the last person that killed you to appear on the HUD. It also tracks enemies who’ve attacked but not killed you as well, making it useful for both retaliation and revenge.

Pathfinders deploy the Gunner mod, which reduces the cool-down on vehicle weapon overheating and allows you to move at a normal walking pace when carrying a detached emplacement.

The Wheelman armor mod the Operator carries gives you a bit of a resistance against EMP shots against a vehicle you are driving. It won’t necessarily stop you in your tracks anymore. This also allows you to recharge the health of a vehicle slightly faster.

Halo 4 Armor:

Air Assault : Reach the Rank of SR-11
Aviator : Reach the Rank of SR-17
C.I.O. : Spartan Slayer Master
Commando : Dominion Victory Master
Deadeye : Pre-order from BestBuy / Play.com
Defender : Reach the Rank of SR-21
Enforcer : Reach the Rank of SR-50
E.O.D. : Reach the Rank of SR-45
E.V.A. : Reach the Rank of SR-27
Fotus : Limited Edition Halo Xbox
Gungnir : Slayer Victory Master
Hazop : Reach the Rank of SR-43
Infiltrator : Reach the Rank of SR-42
Locus : Pre-order from Future Shop
Mk. VI : Complete the campaign on Legendary (Solo or Co-op)
Oceanic : Reach the Rank of SR-47
Orbital : Reach the Rank of SR-41
Protector : UNSC Loadout Master
Raider : Halo Waypoint Classified Unlock Click Here For Unlock Codes
Ranger : Combat Opportunity Master
Recon : Reach the Rank of SR-26
Recruit : Starting Armor
Scanner : War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition Halo 4
Scout : Reach the Rank of SR-38
Soldier : Reach the Rank of SR-15
Strider War Games Map Pass or Limited Edition Halo 4
Vanguard : Forerunner Enemy Mastery
Venator : Assassin Master
War Master : Reach the Rank of SR-37
Warrior : Reach the Rank of SR-8

And that does it, those are all the armor unlocks of Halo 4. If you have any questions regarding Halo 4 or its unlocks drop a comment below or send us an email.


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