Dishonored Review

Dishonored is a gorgeous game, there’s no denying that. It’s pretty difficult to start from scratch and develop a completely new universe and new characters and be successful in the gaming industry, but Arkane does a remarkable job of pulling it off. Dunwall is dark and dirty, but at the same time, lush and inviting. The level design is straight forward but provides deep segments of complex challenges. Cell shaded graphic design gives the universe a unique feel, the same way Borderlands did with Pandora. The characters are intriguing and fleshed out to further draw you into the world of Dishonored. The abilities the games gives you to shape our hero Corvo into whomever you want him to be, isn’t unique to this game and felt like it could have been expanded on; specifically in reference to character choice and how these choices affect the overall outcome of the game. Yes, depending on how you play through each level, makes an impact of the way some of the later levels play out, but not enough of an impact to make me want to play through the game again on either high chaos or low chaos. The overall look of the game is unique. It’s a standout in a field where originality seems to be lacking.

Look- 8/10   


Dishonored brings satisfaction back to the FPS genre. Seriously, killing a Dunwall guard by stalking him from 100 yards away, sneaking all the way up and merking the dude from behind is one of the satisfying FPS kills in recent memory. Arkane made the conscious decision to place emphasis on the process of killing, by giving you the choice to do it, but not really giving you any consequences for doing so. You don’t feel underpowered like you do in stealth games like Metal Gear, and you don’t feel overpowered, like a classic FPS a la Duke Nuke Em.  Killing in Dishonored feels like a piece of art ,which is contrast from most modern FPS’s like Call of Duty, that really desensitize the player from the traditional consequences of life and death. Death is a big deal again. There is no pressing X to respawn, and in my opinion, this is a very good thing. Each kill feels fluid in its motion. Slowing down time, teleporting, and an incredible sneak system are all nothing new to gaming, but are put to good use in Dishonored. You ALWAYS have options, and that is part of what makes this a good game.

Feel- 9/10 


Why should you play Dishonored? Well…. One, I believe it is available from most major retailers for about $40 at this point. I picked it up for $30 on Black Friday and I would have been fine paying $60. It’s a triple A title that is not priced like one. The feeling I got when I played Dishonored was the same feeling I got when I played through Bioshock for the first time. It was new, different, intriguing, and it felt good. It felt good to play a game that didn’t have a number behind it, to play something that I original and exciting and to jump into a universe that is completely unfamiliar. Now if you are a fan of the standard paint by numbers game then please go buy Black Ops 2 and have fun. But if you look for something more in a game and are seeking a new experience that takes the traditional FPS into unfamiliar territory, give Dishonored a try. It’s worth the ride.

Appeal- 9/10


Overall Score (Not an Average)     8.5/10

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