Best of 360: #22 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Hey everybody! Today on the Xbox 360 Best of Count Down, we have a little game you, or your friend, or your friends little brother might have played before. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Now I know what you’re thinking. That right bitches, I read minds. You are thinking, “Z, Call of Duty? really? Z, why the fuck are you talking about Call of Duty?” Well friends, here’s the deal. I’m not a huge fan of Call of Duty, that’s no secret, but to be fare the Call of Duty games for the most part aren’t that bad. The quality of the product isn’t the issue with Activision’s flagship series, its the repetitive nature and lack of original concept that is the issue. Also, those annoying little fuckers on XBL. They never stop calling me names. Fuck those guys.

But seriously, the Call of Duty games are Michael Bay films of the gaming world. They look pretty good and they are pretty fun, but once you get down below the explosions and the dark, mysterious villain, you realize that there is nothing more to it. these games have no heart, and that is why I gave up on them after MW3. I can’t wait till they stop giving these games names and just start naming them by the year (or do you think EA Sports would sue them for COD ’15)

So…you are probably wondering why. after all that hate and bitching about COD did a COD game even make the list? Well, even Michael Bay makes a pretty decent movie from time to time. COD: MW2 , to me, was the highlight of the series. The campaign was fun and engaging, but where MW2 really shined was with it’s multiplayer. With the exception of a few games that we will discuss later in the countdown, I had more fun player the multiplayer in MW2 than any other game on the Xbox 360. It was smooth, the interface worked well, the ranking system was terrific, but the part of MW2 that set it apart in my mind for Black Ops, MW3, etc. was the maps. The online maps in this game were fucking amazing. To the day, still some of my favorite FPS maps.

I’m sure the majority of the COD population has moved on to Black Ops 2, by this point, but if you ever want to experience the best of Call of Duty multiplayer, my suggestion would be to pick up a $15 copy of MW2, grab three friends and have an old school split screen party. Seriously, I did it yesterday, and I almost forgot why I stopped playing COD…almost.


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