Nerdwest List: Best Movie Games

Movie games tend to be shitty. There is no way around it. Specifically, the last five to ten years have been extra shitty. When did the industry give up on making quality adaptions and simply resort to pumping out crap that they know some schmuck will pick up only due to their love of the franchise? It’s sad really, but according to our list that moment took place in the early 2000’s. At least that is the newest title on list. So, if you would like to check out some quality movie gaming, check these gems out:


Number Three

Dr.T- X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter  (1997)


XvT was one of the last game to come out in the X-Wing series. It ran on the PC and worked really well with the joystick attachment. Not much to say, basically a flight simulator with a Star Wars mix. Awesome if you ever wanted to use the force to drop a bomb in the old Death Star.





Z (and Dr.T’s Number 2)- The Lion King (1994)


Lion King, along with another game we will come back to is a second, was incredible. It was a challenging side-scroller that was fun and well developed. You can tell that there was much love put into this game by the developer. It’s hard to say that for many licensed movie games that have come out recently.




D- Tron 2.0 (2003)


A true sequel to the original Tron film long before the idea for Tron Legacy ever hit paper. This is a much lighter take on the Tron universe than they decided to eventually go with on screen, but as we will see later in the list, sometimes having an alternative sequel to the film isn’t always a bad thing.





Number Two

Z- Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues (1994)


This is it. This is the sequel we wanted, and the sequel we deserved. This game takes place on the same island as the original film, which is awesome considering all of the film sequels took place on a different island. The game is a challenging side-scroller combined with comic book like cut scenes that make it not only an awesome playing game, but an awesomely different looking game.






Z- Chronicles of Riddick: Escape From Butcher Bay (2004)


Rarely does a game based on a film franchise eclipse the film franchise itself, but Butcher Bay is by far the best piece of fiction in the Riddick series. Of course they are working on a new film currently, so I can;t say for sure, but honestly… what are your expectations for that movie. Check out Butcher Bay or on the XBOX 360 Assault on Dark Athena.







Number One

Dr.T- Aladdin (1993)


This game is extremely similar to The Lion King, same developer, same side-scrolling game play, etc. It predates The Lion King by a year or so, but again, another fantastic Disney game that is challenging, but not too difficult and does a fantastic job of capturing the essence of the film.






Z & D- Goldeneye (1997)


Not many films can claim that their game adaptations are some of the best games ever made for their respected systems. Goldeneye can make that claim. Not only did this game make us rethink how well a movie game can be done, it made us rethink how well FPS multiplayer can be done. Without Goldeneye games that thrive on FPS multiplayer like Halo or COD would not exist. Respect.


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