Nerdwest List: 90’s Nickelodeon Shows

Few things define a 90’s kid’s childhood the way Nickelodeon did. Every summer after spending time riding around the neighborhood on my bike and playing street hockey I would sit down for a healthy dose of Stickly Stickerson followed by some Snick. So we here at Nerdwest thought, hey, lets talk about some specific shows that made Nick in the 90’s so special. The top classic Nickelodeon Shows…

Number Three

Z- The Adventures of Pete & Pete





Pete & Pete chronicles the misadventures of younger brother Pete and older brother Pete. This show had one of the most interesting cast of characters ever pieced together, with the lawn obsessed dad, the mom with the plate in her head, and of course…Archie the strongest man in the world! Amazing writing with an original premise. Good Stuff.


D- Hey Dude


Oh Hey Dude. Shows like this and Salute Your Shorts were the foundation for more current shows lie Hollywood Heights except that when these shows came out, they were ground breaking, creative and quality pieces of work. Not just bullshit pieced together to make a couple of bucks.

Number Two

Z- Are You Afraid of the Dark?



AYAOTD is Tales From the Crypt for the younger generation. No seriously. They were even in production during the same time period. Now don’t take that statement in a way that is, AYAOTD is a watered down version of Tales. It’s not. Not by a long shot. This shit is scary and has featured future stars in it’s own right…right Ryan Gosling?

D- Keenan & Kel

An off shoot of the also ground breaking All ThatKeenan & Kel is one of a couple sitcoms Nick had on during the 90’s. The show followed the misadventures of Keen Thompson and Kel Mitchell and featured a theme song by Coolio. Defiantly a Snick show that featured a future SNL  player in Keenan Thompson and a future hobo in Kel Mitchell.

Number One

Z- Rocko’s Modern Life


In my opinion, the pinnacle of 90’s Nick animation. Rocko rode the line between weird, but not too weird where it was off putting. I know I’m going to catch some hell for this, but shows like Ren and Stimpy were just too much. Too over the top strange and just not grounded at all. Rocko had the perfect balance of insanity partnered with relatable characters. The creative heads behind Rocko also went on to give the next generation Sponge Bob so show some respect you little shits.

D- Salute Your Shorts


Again, Salute Your Shorts is one of those foundation shows for about 75% of Nick’s current programming, but much much better than anything they current have on the air. Salute followed a band of misfits and their adventures at Camp Anawanna. Just really good storytelling, not over the top, just well written.

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